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Verona, cultural and artistic city, one of the most beautiful in Italy. Rich of story and roman architecture, with its amphitheaters: the Arena  famous for the lyric festival, and the Teatro romano with its museum and colorful summer shows review, and its fortifications in the city and the proper doors, Borsari, and Leoni.

Verona, is also Medieval era, dominated by the “Scaligers” Family. Famous are the squares characterizing the times “delle Erbe” and “dei Signori”,  the residence of the family, “CastelVecchio” with its museum, and the graves of the family, the Arche Scaligere, and the private realization of the Torre dei Lamberti with its wonderful view from the heart of the city center. 
At the time, the poet “Dante Alighieri”, spent few years hosted by “Scaligers” Family.


Verona is also renaissance and neo classic time under the Republic of Venice before, and under the Austrian domination later, both with their several  architectural legacies. The buildings that overlook to piazza Brà are Gran Guardia Palace and palazzo Barbieri the council headquarter, wonderful example of neoclassic time.


Impressive are the walls, of previous realisation, including the main gates to the city “Porta Nuova”, “Porta Palio” e “Porta Vescovo” constructed during the Austrian empowerment.
Some of it’s numerous and monumental churches of different times as to be mentioned: “Basilica di San Zeno”, “Verona Cathedral”, S. Fermo Maggiore, S. Anastasia e S. Eufemia. 
Verona is also cultural city, rich of events, shows, historial and theme itineraries   throughout the museums and theatres of the city and province.